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Alton Drilling is the Australasian agent for several consumable supply companies, whose products include diamond bits, reaming shells, wireline core barrels and other exploration equipment.

Our key agencies are Braden Winches, American Manufacturing Mud Pumps, and Hayden Diamond Bits.

Drilling items we can supply include:

– Diamond Impregnated bits
– Casing Shoes
– Reamers
– Core Lifters
– Core Lifter Cases
– Stop Rings
– Stabilisers
– Wireline Corebarrel Parts

Most of the diamond goods can be supplied in BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ size and in the TT, 2, 3 configurations.

We also supply a large range of parts to service drilling rigs. We supply the following parts as well as others that are not listed.

– Comet pumps
– Braden winches
– FMC Water Pumps
– Drill Masts
– Drill Chuck and associated parts
– HV Drive chains
– Drill Heads
– Pinions and sprockets
– Hauling plugs
– Foot Clamps
– Casing Jacks

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