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Since Alton Drilling was established in 1983 we have been involved in a wide range of Drilling projects. With a focus on exploration drilling we have built up expertise and an experienced team to enable us to provide a full service offering.

Alton Drilling has been involved in coal and gold Exploration for over 26 years. This is our foremost area of expertise and we have several specialist rigs available for this type of drilling. We have worked extensively on the coal fields of the West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand, as well as various large gold exploration projects around the country, and mineral exploration worldwide. Our diamond drilling rigs are capable of drilling to depths of over 900 metres and produce PQ, HQ and NQ size holes.

We have undertaken a large number of Environmental Drilling projects throughout New Zealand including the drilling of many groundwater production wells, piezometer monitoring wells, installation of inclinometers, permeability testing and groundwater contamination sampling.

Alton Drilling was the first drilling company in New Zealand to introduce Air Core drilling to the industry. This was bought about by an extensive ilmanite drilling programme based on the west coast of the South Island, drilling in the excess of 25,000 metres. With the success of this method, air core was then introduced into coal quality drilling on the coast, where it is still being used today. We have also used this method successfully in drilling for alluvial gold deposits in Southland and river sands in Waikato. We believe this method has undeveloped potential in the New Zealand drilling industry.

Alton Drilling has completed numerous Geotechnical Investigation drilling programs, including working on some of the country’s largest and oldest dams including, Arapuni, Karapiro and Manapouri. Much of this work involved working in either confined spaces or inaccessible remote locations. Another major project was based at an Auckland wastewater treatment plant. Over a four year period, Alton Drilling completed major concrete cutting and drilling along with site investigation and temporary and permanent dewatering of the complex.

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